Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

Dedicated to the Preservation of the Traditional Liturgy of the Catholic Church

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Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula?

We live in a labyrinth of confusion.  Something is wrong in Rome.  To our left we witness the devastation caused by revolutionary modernists, and to our right the divisive quarreling of traditionalists.  Everywhere we look, we seem to be surrounded by disunity, falsehood and immorality.  As we continue to seek our way through this maze of chaos, is it any wonder we don’t know where to turn next?

One thing we know for sure, our Holy Mother Church is in trouble and it is the duty of every one of her children to come to her aid.  We recognize our duty to do what we can to preserve the Church’s traditions and pass them down to our own children.  We need to make it a priority to restore the Church to her former glory, and to make reparation to Our Lord for the damage already caused.  It is for this that the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula was founded.  Not to be “Traditionalists” but to be Catholics and to act as Catholics should in such a crisis.

Through the loving Providence of God, we have been born to live in these difficult times.  And like our forefathers who responded to other crises of the past with the strength of their faith and their burning love of God, we too must face the tumult of our own times with the same fortitude and patience.

As Catholics who realize that something is wrong in Rome, we cannot pretend we have no responsibilities.  We cannot leave the work to others.  We all have our own role to play in this battle and God expects us to do our part.

If you are clergy, rise up and defy the sinful dictates of your modernist superiors.  Are you a theologian? Then research and publish the valid means by which we may resist the present tyranny.  Probably though, you’re like most of us – simple children of the Church who just want the peace and grace that only the true Faith and Sacraments provide.


Whoever you are, there is one thing we can all do and that is to pray daily for the Restoration of the Church.  While we may each have different roles to play in the work needed for that restoration, we are all equally commanded and able to pray.  Will you not join us in this holy endeavour?

As a member of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula you would commit to reciting some or all of the daily official prayer of the Church as contained in her liturgical books.  Through the graces that come from the Mass and the Divine Office, you will join your own prayer each day for the Preservation and Restoration of the Church, of her divinely revealed Faith, her traditional Sacraments and Worship, and all Catholic values and culture.  The same Missal and the Breviary will also be your tools to make reparation for the outrages inflicted on the Mystical Body by those whose job it should be to protect and guide her.

We offer also the opportunity to follow a simple rule that you can adapt to your own lifestyle.  Our Oblates offer their lives to God in a special way, answering his call to spurn temptations and lead virtuous lives, avoiding divisiveness and futile arguments.  As well as praying for the Restoration, they offer their own trials and misfortunes in reparation for the damage already inflicted on the Church .

Make no mistake, we do not make any pretense to be the sole solution to the problem in the Church.  Many fine priests and lay people around the world are also doing their part to resolve these issues, and as part of the same remnant of the Mystical Body, we join our own humble efforts to theirs.  Although we may be no more than yet another drop in the ocean, we can offer faithful Catholics of all persuasions a common haven from which to launch their efforts to defeat modernism and restore the Church.  This is our overriding goal and we hope you will join us.

“Many are called but few are chosen”.  The fact that you have read this far is already an indication that you are called by the grace of God.  Called at least to keep alight the flame of Catholic faith.  You have been called, yes.  But have you been chosen to do more than just reading this?  Do you have an even higher calling?

Want to know more about becoming an oblate?

We all come to a point in our lives when we ask ourselves:  “What can we give back to God for all the good things he has given to us?”  If in fact, we have been chosen, what should be our response?  What will we choose to give to God?

If you are that point, please take time to consider joining the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, either by subscribing to our online liturgical prayers or by becoming an Oblate. God will assuredly reward your generosity by an increase of grace, drawing you ever closer to him.  He will give you the keys to break the chains of sin and worldly attachments.  And as we strive together in a new crusade to help free the Church from her own chains, surely our efforts will soften God’s wrath and prevent for a while longer the great Chastisement that the world draws down upon  itself.