Daily Breviary Meditations


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Meditations for every day on the Scriptural Lessons of the Roman Breviary, in accordance with the Encyclical “Divino Afflante,” by Bishop Joseph Angrisani.  Imprimatur 1954.

These meditations are for all Catholics, seriously striving after holiness.  As fonts of Theology—dogmatic, moral, ascetically and mystical—they are unusually informative!  “The method of training surest of results, is meditation.  There is no known substitution for it, nor can there be…  The soul devoted to daily meditation need never fear failure in his quest for holiness.  Meditation keeps feet on the ground and eyes on heaven.”

The extremely important aim of this work, which is the sanctification of the Clergy and laity alike, increases its value and suitableness to the needs of our times.  For never before, as in our day, in this period of general disorientation of minds and of most grave threats to the Faith and moral life of the people, has there been felt the necessity of holy priests and laity who for the salvation of Christian civilization must constitute an impenetrable barrier to the onslaughts of impiety and evil customs.  This is a rare work that will be a valuable asset to any library.

4 Volume Set – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

2,265 pages total in 4 volumes, soft cover.  Sold by the set only.


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