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The Church’s Year, by Fr. Leonard Goffine

The perfect book for family reading.

Part I: texts and commentaries for the Epistles, Gospels, and most other Mass prayers (e.g., Introit, Collect, Gradual, etc.) for every Sunday and Holy Day of the liturgical year.

Part II: The Saints – Epistles and Gospels. Focuses on teaching doctrine and morals through the liturgy in Question & Answer format covering:

– Almsgiving
– Manner of Following Mass at Home
– Bible and Tradition
– Blessings
– Process of Canonization
– Excommunication
– Detraction
– Education of Children
– Consolation in Sickness
– Love of Enemies
– Indulgences
– Holy Orders
– Why Christ Spoke in Parables
– The Rosary
– Processions
– Relics
– Holy Water
– Temptation
– The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
– Ceremonies
– Regarding the Spirit of the Liturgical Seasons
– Miracles
– Sacraments
– Origins of Church Feasts
– Drunkenness
– Good Intention
– More Hows? Whys? and What-fors?

The Church’s Year follows the calendar in effect at the time it was first published (1880), yet nearly all of it is applicable with the use of the traditional Catholic Missal in use in our traditional churches today. Totally re-typeset.

“It will bring blessings on any house in which it is kept and used.” -Wm. Henry Elder, Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1884).

814 pp. hard cover (printed litho-wrap), sewn signatures, cream paper. SEWN pages, litho-wrap printed HARDCOVER, and high quality CREAM colored text pages. A family heirloom to last generations


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