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For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


Our Lady of Good Success Chapel

4617 West Lincoln Highway, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania 19365

Our Lady of Good Success Roman Catholic Chapel

In the 1960s, as a direct result of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Mass was changed beyond recognition. Latin, reverence, and large chunks of Catholic doctrine went out the window. Disaster followed. Mass attendance plummeted, belief eroded, vocations dried up.

At Our Lady of Good Success, we remain faithful to the “old ways”—the Church’s doctrine and worship, tried and true, unchanged and unchangeable. We treat the Mass and Christ’s Body and Blood for what they are―the holiest thing this side of heaven. We preach only eternal truths of the Catholic faith—no feel-good stuff, no fuzziness, no ecumenical sell-outs.

At Our Lady of Good Success, you’ll see Mass celebrated in the ancient and venerable Latin rite, whose central prayers have been exactly the same since the days when our forebears in the faith emerged from the catacombs. As a Catholic you have a right to sound doctrine and pure worship—a right that no one, not even a bishop or a pope, can take away.

If you want to worship and believe as Catholics have always worshipped and believed, join us at Our Lady of Good Success. 

Mass Schedule


Sundays 12:30 pm Low Mass

First Fridays 10:00 am Low Mass

Holydays of Obligation 12:00 noon Low Mass

Mass Schedules and Times are Subject to Change.

Our Lady of Good Success Chapel is served by the Priests of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula.

Chapel Rectory

1943 Craley Road,
Windsor, PA 17366


Sundays : 12:30 pm


Sundays before Mass


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