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2023 Traditional Catholic Calendar


Traditional Catholic wall calendar with complete details of feast days and fast days, holydays of obligation and US civil holidays, and much more.  Follows the same calendar as our online Mass and Breviary websites.

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$45.00 / year

Your subscription to the Premium Account includes the texts to the Roman Breviary, the Little Office of Our Lady, and the Office of the Dead.

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Breviary Account

$30.00 / year

Your subscription to the Divine Office includes the daily Latin and English text of the traditional Roman Breviary for a full twelve-month period.

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How To Say The Breviary


How To Say The Breviary, adapted from Fr. Bernard Hausmann’s original work by Fr. Bernard G. Hall of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula. A very valuable if not essential tool for deciphering the rubrics of the traditional Roman Breviary. Walks you step by step through each hour of the Divine Office.  Fr. Hall has taken…

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Office of Dead Account

$7.50 / year

Subscribe to the Office of the Dead Online to access the texts of the traditional Office of the Dead.

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Mass Stipend


Your donation for the offering of Holy Mass.

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The Liturgical Movement book

Liturgical Movement, The


The Liturgical Movement is a fast-reading book on the history of the liturgical movement of the last century: -How was it diverted from its course? -Who made up the brain-trust which led its early deviation? -What was the principal error of these liturgical radicals? -In the end, who hijacked the movement to propagandize for Vatican II and a New Mass?

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Liber Usualis


The Liber Usualis is a must for any choir or schola member wanting to sing the Gregorian Chant of the Traditional Latin Mass. It has the complete Latin settings of Gregorian Chant for every Mass of the year (Sundays, Solemnities, Commons and Feasts). It also has the complete music for Nuptial Masses, Requiem Masses, Holy…

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The Liturgical Year

Liturgical Year, The


This monumental liturgical work, comprising fifteen volumes, was the life-long labor of Benedictine Abbot Dom Gueranger. Written with the heart of a seraphic contemplative, the holy abbot takes the reader on a daily spiritual pilgrimage through the liturgies of both the East and the West as he immerses the soul into the very life of the ecclesia orans et adorans (the church praying and adoring). The author achieves this by providing daily entries corresponding to the yearly cycle of the Church’s worship in both her divine seasonal feasts and those of her saints.

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The Holy Mass Explained

Holy Mass, The


There has never been a book that so well elucidates how the active participation in the Holy Sacrifice, which is the duty of all the laity, can best be accomplished. This was written after The Liturgical Year and was the last book translated by Dom Laurence Shepard, Gueranger’s disciple, before his own death. This book is meant to be a companion volume to the The Liturgical Year, and it perfectly matches the set.

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Church History


Starting at the very beginning of the Church and proceeding in historical sequence right into the 20th century, Fr. Laux presents the story of the Church in both a masterful and an extremely readable manner. He starts with the preparation of the world for the coming of Christ and Our Lord’s life and ministry. He…

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Story of a Soul, The


The Story of a Soul, better known to the English public as The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, was first published in 1899. Today it ranks amongst the greatest Christian spiritual classics and it has been translated into practically every well-known language. Almost every pope since its publication has proposed St. Therese’s teaching to…

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