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For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


Friends and Benefactors of the Guild

Supporting and Contributing to the Restoration of the Church

May God Reward You

V.  Let us pray for our benefactors.
R.  Vouchsafe, O Lord, for thy Name's sake, to reward with eternal life all them that do us good. Amen.

In Divine Worship, we pray explicitly in the above Versicle and Response for our friends and benefactors , said on penitential kneeling days at the Ferial Preces of Lauds and Vespers. 

Beyond these occasional prayers the Guild is diligent in showing its gratitude to those who support our work.  We keep them daily in our prayers and remembrance, at Mass and in the Divine Office, in our Rosaries and other devotions.

We commend to the care of Almighty God all our supporters, keeping them in our hearts, full of gratitude to God for the generous support, love, encouragement, and assistance we receive in spiritual and material ways from our friends and benefactors.

The Monthly Missa pro Populo

The Missa pro Populo is offered monthly by each priest of the Guild for all the members of the three Orders of the Guild, their families and friends, all the members of the Missions served by the priests of the Guild, and all our friends and benefactors, donors and supporters.

The Monthly Requiem for the Guild of All Souls

A Mass is offered monthly, usually a Requiem, for all the faithful departed whose names have been submitted into the Bead List of the Guild of All Souls.  In addition, the Mass intention includes the other poor souls, who, during their life contributed in any way to the apostolate of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, or supported us by their financial contributions, labor, and prayers.

Your Donations to the Guild

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and any goods, property or financial assets donated to the Guild are therefore tax deductible.  We can accept your financial contributions to our work either by check, credit card, money order, cash, or via PayPal or direct deposit.  The easiest way to support our apostolate is by making a donation via credit card or PayPal, by simply clicking on the following button and following the simple instructions.

Donations may be of any amount, and either one-time only, or by regular automatic transfer that you determine, and that you can change or cancel at any time.


One-time donations of $1,000 or more, or regular monthly donations of $100 or more entitle the donor to a 10% discount on any of the books available on our website Confraternity Books.

Confraternity Books


A Note from the Dean

Please Support Our Work

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula works to reverse the Roman Catholic Church's abandonment of her tradtions, her faith, sacraments and divine worship.  Our entire apostolate is centered on this aim, and our chief method of doing so is through the Church's liturgy, especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass given to the apostles at the Last Supper by our Lord Jesus Christ himself.  This Mass was successfully transmitted intact through almost two thousand years of history, during which so many other aspects of life were undergoing constant change and evolution.  But the Mass remained totally unchanged from the last small addition made by Pope St. Gregory the Great in the late sixth century until the freemasons destroyed the Holy Week liturgy in the 1950s, thereby establishing an atmosphere of constant change that would end with the blasphemous mock-Mass of Paul VI that so many of our fellow-Catholics have been tricked into believing is the true Mass pleasing to God.

You can browse our website to find out more about the Guild, its mission and apostolate.  The Guild is a US 501(c)(3) corporation, and we rely on your tax deductible contributions in order for us to continue our work, as our priests and oblates seek to preserve and restore traditional Roman Catholic faith and worship to a world increasingly bereft of God's graces.

If you agree with our aims and would like to support us and make it possible for us to sustain and expand our apostolate, please consider sending us a donation.  Every donation, no matter how small, is an act of Christian charity and pleasing to God.

If you would like to join our work by donating your time, talents, energy, and most importantly, prayers, please consider becoming an Oblate of the Guild.  If you would prefer to provide us with financial support, you may do so by sending a check, payable to the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, to 6397 Holloway Drive, Liberty Township, OH 45044, USA, or simply by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this page.  Your donations are tax deductible and you can request a written receipt for your contribution if you wish.

Our priests pray daily for our benefactors, and offer frequent Masses for their intentions.  Please consider becoming an important part of our efforts to restore Catholic sanity to this world, and may God reward your generosity.

Father Bernard G. Hall
Dean of Chapter
Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

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Prayer for Deceased Benefactors

O God, bountiful in forgiving, and lovingly desirous of man's salvation, we humbly beseech thy mercy in behalf of our friends, relations and benefactors, who have passed from this world, that, through the intercession of Blessed Mary ever Virgin and all the Saints, thou wouldst permit them to come to the full participation of everlasting happiness.  Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


If you would like to have a Mass offered for your special intentions, click on the link below.


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